• 12. Juni 2017

#steuerlinks 24. KW

#steuerlinks 24. KW

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cum-ex kommt jetzt ganz groß raus, StB-Prüfungsergebnisse, Denkfehler bei der Digitalisierung, Digi-Report von PwC, Strafzinsen, Design-thinking in der Kanzlei

  • Technology Will Force Tax Managers to Up Their Game „For one, tax professionals will need to gain a more nuanced understanding of the company’s business, and leverage that knowledge to take on leading roles in cross-functional technology-implementation and process-improvement projects. (…) Additionally, project-management, collaboration, and change-management skills will become important for tax managers, the report says.
  • Tax Function of the Future: Tax Professional of the Future; PwC Und hier die erwähnte Themenseite von PwC
  • Prozessberatung statt nur Buchhaltung : DATEV-Blog Gute Sicht auf ein alltägliches Phänomen: „Die Mehrzahl allerdings bringt noch den Pendelordner. Das ist auf der einen Seite schade, aber auf der anderen Seite für uns Berater auch ein enormes Beratungspotential.“
  • How AI, Cloud, And Robots Will Revolutionize SMB Accounting Forbes: „The evolution of accounting tools is finished – the next frontier is solutions. (…) Machines have the ability to compute massive amounts of data almost instantaneously, and humans have the ability to spot inconsistencies and exceptions to the rules. The key is pairing them together. Accountants will leverage the computing power of software and AI to help them better manage clients’ financials while providing an accounting and bookkeeping solution.“




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  • Apple Person-to-Person Payments Mit iOS 11 kommt die Möglichkeit, Geld per Messenger zu versenden und empfangen.
  • There are bots. Look around. Renee DiResta vergleicht unsere social-media-Zeiten mit High Frequency Trading (HFT): „We’re now in a period that’s strikingly reminiscent of the early days of HFT: the intersection of automation and social networking has given us manipulative bots and an epidemic of “fake news”. Just as HFT was a simplified boogeyman for finance, “fake news” is an imprecise term used to describe a variety of disingenuous content: clickbait, propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.“ via macdrifter.com